Maud Muse: Brigitte Bardot

Bardot landed her first Elle cover at only 15 years old. In her childhood, she studied both music and ballet.  Throughout her career she acted in numerous well-known films.  She became a world star and was recognized as one of Europe’s best actresses at a young age. Bardot was highly respected and admired with her outspoken voice. She was an independent woman with a naturally beautiful sensuality.

Fame was demanding, and at 40 years old; at the height of her career, she chose to put the jet setting lifestyle behind her. In recent years she has been actively involved in animal rights.

Maud depicts a strong, playful, colorful and sensual woman throughout this collection, a woman who loves to live. She spends her holidays on the French Riviera with good friends. She has a strong voice and is an inspiration for social responsibility.

After so many seasons of minimalism in fashion, there has been an increased need to dress up. Finding a balance between smart, casual and elegance. Femininity, a distinctive character and ”self-love” are leading the way for this season. Positivity, action and social responsibility should be promoted now more than ever. As we live in a world that is rapidly changing, we are ever looking to signs of nostalgia and security. There is increasing demand for ”slow fashion” with distinct character and quality.

Traditional neutral pastels highlight sweetness this season, which is key. This helps to increase femininity but at the same time achieving a uniqueness and modern edge with the addition of warm sunset tones. The mid-century trend is strong this summer with its unusual mixture of pastels and bold colors. This causes the color palette to have a sophisticated vintage feel; which in turn creates nostalgia that is both unique and modern.