Maud AW18 is inspired by “The Face of 1966” known only by her first name, Twiggy.  Actor, designer, and the world’s first supermodel.

The collection describes a girl who loves to go for walks around the streets of London. She spends much of her time in cafes in Portobello Road, and reads all she can find on modern literature. By nature, she knows that she must act proper and do what’s expected of her, but inside she bubbles with creativity. Her mind wanders off when she visits galleries. She is an artist and a creative talent.

Nostalgia and tactility still plays an important role in Maud’s collection of AW18. The direction of this season is less sentimental than previous collections. It makes styles feel familiar, but with a more forward-thinking twist. A carefree blend of obvious reproductions that mirrors former youth cultures in combination with modern materials and details. The Sixties and Seventies are reproduced in a more innovative way, with a less rigid style. Layering still stands strong for AW18, as it did in previous collections.

Our connection to places, and our own personal and national history increases as social media broadens our horizons, simplifies the possibilities and speed of exchanging thoughts, as well as visions and cultures that are not our own. Therefore our focus this season is to appreciate local characteristics. We want to tell a story that gives the brand a value of its own. This Maud collection is dedicated to a wide user-friendliness of quality as well as long life items.

Core colors stand strong like a deep and well known autumn palette. Yellow and orange tones are typical trend colors that give warmth and depth to this year’s Maud collection. Burnt burgundy tones, as well as a wide range of green, supplements and offers a varied color palette. Contrasting colors such as lime green and magenta provide an exciting surprise to the rest of Mauds harmonic colors for AW18.